The AeonClad Technologies

For the first time, plasma technologies, used for decades in the semiconductor industry, are available for larger products and for engineering high performance powders and other bulk materials.

This is a short video to introduce the AeonClad technology. Sections below provide additional detail.


The Reactor Technology

AeonClad reactors efficiently clean, etch, chemically modify and deposit precise layers on the surfaces of base materials using plasmas formed in specially designed chambers. Base materials can include polymer powders, metal parts, ceramic granules or other materials. AeonClad has designed several types of reactors including 1-liter lab-scale reactors, larger and more complex pilot reactor systems (typically 5-10 liters in processing volume) and up to 1750-liter production systems.

AC Technology Reactor.png

Fine Tuning Surface Chemistry

As one example, AeonClad routinely modifies the surface of otherwise inert PTFE materials. Certain plasma chemistries are used to replace a fraction of fluorine atoms on just the outer surface with other atoms or molecules to allow the PTFE to bond into a composite or disperse evenly in a lubricant.

AeonClad has created surface modification processes for many types of polymers, ceramics and metals. Modification of material surfaces can include cleaning, etching or having certain chemical reactions occur at the surface.

AC Technology Surface.png

Engineering Coatings and Materials

The PTFE mentioned above could be coated with glass, silicone, another type of fluoropolymer or certain types of metals in AeonClad reactors. The layers can be conformal, uniform, bonded (or not) and down to single digit nanometers in thickness.

These capabilities allow AeonClad materials scientists to engineer surface chemistries and coating systems for many applications that have included enhancing bonding between metals and rubbers, creating 3D printing materials, improving the performance of polymer composites and even making down waterproof.

AC Technology Coatings.png

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