AeonClad begins development of 3D printing materials ›

November 1, 2015

Laser sintering of polymers is a leading 3D printing technology, especially for manufacturing fully functional parts. Making new polymers with higher temperature resistance, higher toughness or other improvements would be very valuable. AeonClad is working on a coating system that tailors the behavior of powdered polymers near the melt point. Early tests have shown modified powder behavior and sintering under the laser for the initial material type.


AeonClad featured in NanoTech Magazine ›

April 20, 2016 2pm

AeonClad was featured in an article in NanoTech Magazine discussing the future of engineered nano-materials. This article discusses how the technology works and shows some applications such as PTFE integrated into a polyurethane base to increase mud pump piston lifetimes significantly.


AeonClad included in Chemical Engineering Magazine ›

April 20, 2016 1pm

Chemical Engineering Magazine included an article discussing how nano-engineering is infusing into the growing coatings market. This article is an overview of how nano-engineered coatings, while still being a niche of the overall coatings market, are starting to show up in interesting sub-segments of the $106 Billion paint and coatings market. The article specifically mentions AeonClad and our pulsed PECVD can be used to coat materials that would ordinarily be damaged by traditional PECVD processes.


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