Custom engineered powders, fibers and interfaces for high performance material systems

AeonClad improves many combinations of materials.

AeonClad's technologies and growing library of treatments and coatings offer superior performance or new behaviors for multiple material systems at very competitive production costs.

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AeonClad works with customers from lab to production.

The AeonClad technologies support rapid R&D in 1-liter proof-of-concept reactors, refinement and process development in 5-10-liter pilot reactors and cost competitive production in reactors up to 1,750 liters.


Contact us for more information about available materials or to start a new material development project.

For example, AeonClad recently worked on...

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Better materials for 3D Printing

3D Printing is limited by the materials that can be used. AeonClad has been developing a coating system that allows many new types of polymers to work beautifully in laser sintering machines. These higher strength and higher temperature materials will help expand the laser sintering industry.


Integrating PTFE into composite materials

PTFE has great chemical resistance and a low friction surface, but is hard to integrate into composite materials. AeonClad has developed a family of treatments for PTFE that can make it disperse and bond into many types of materials including polymers, lubricants and paints.

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Engineering bonding between rubber and metal

Many types of high-performance products are limited by the connection between dissimilar materials. AeonClad has developed a variety of surface treatments and coating structures to optimize the interaction between metals and rubber, ceramics and polymers and other combinations.

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